ImageTrend Elite Information

On this page you will find information regarding Marin's ePCR platform, ImageTrend Elite


To request an Elite account for:

  • EMTs - send an email to your agency's EMS BC or designated ImageTrend Administrator with the following: first and last names, email, certification number, expiration date, and CAD ID number
  • Paramedics - one will be created for you by the EMS Agency upon accreditation.
  • Paramedic Interns - one will be created for you by the EMS Agency upon submission of Intern Application.
  • Hospital staff - contact your facility's EMS Liaison, who will make the request to the EMS Agency.

Click on the icon below to log into Elite Field:

This is the Elite Field link:

Link to Marin's Web-based ImageTrend Elite

System is live, enter only real PCRs. 

To create a practice/test PCR, sign in using the user name of “practice1”, “practice2”, or “practice3” with the password: “practice” (all without the quotes)  and you will be logged into the Demo Agency where you can enter PCRs. The live CAD data can be used without impacting actual PCRs.

For assistance, questions or comments please contact Troy Peterson at the EMS Agency.


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Elite Field training video

Elite user tips from Marin County Fire Department:







FOR HOSPITAL USERS:  Elite Viewer Information