Disaster Information

Medical Health Disaster Response Resources

The Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) coordinates medical health mutual aid resources for the operational area during a disaster or state of emergency.  When the medical or health resources within a local jurisdiction are depleted, the MHOAC will work with local, regional and state partners to coordinate the allocation of mutual aid resources.  (H&SC Div. 2.5, Section 1797.153)

MHOAC can be reached at 415 473 3100 or mhoac@marincounty.org


The submission of resource requests to the Marin County MHOAC has moved from the system of emailing a pdf request form to the MHOAC to an on-line platform, the Public Health Ordering System (PHOS).  This is a Salesforce platform that is used by the State for MHOACs to submit requests up to the Region/State.

Below are links to two documents with details (including links to tutorial videos) of how to sign up and how to enter an order.  Basically, you must create an account in the CalOES Salesforce System (selecting Entity Type as “non-governmental” and then “healthcare facility”).  Once approved, you will be able to enter your requests in to the system.  Those requests will still come to the Marin MHOAC and will be filled either locally or will be passed up to the Region/State for fulfillment. If filled by State, the supplies will be shipped directly to you. If filled locally, you will be contacted to coordinate a pick-up at 1600 Los Gamos Dr.

For any personnel requests, the forms that need to be filled out and included with the request can be found on the PHOS home page under the “Document Repository” section.

In the event that you need something that is not on the drop-down list, you can select “other” and manually enter the item.

Any emergent needs can always be followed up with an email or phone call to the MHOAC.


Resorce Requests via Salforce Instructions

A tutorial on how to place an order can be viewed here: Salesforce Log in and Order Creation

PHOS Registration Guide

A tutorial on how to create an account can be viewed here: Salesforce Portal Self-Registration

For technical assistance contact Salesforce.support@caloes.ca.gov

Recommendations for Medical-Health Resource Requests

  • Enter quantity of all items in eaches, not cases or boxes (which very in quantity).  If not entered as each your order may be denied or, at the least, delayed by the follow-up process to clarify amount being requested.
  • You must complete EVERY SECTION of the form or your order will be rejected
  • Only submit one request at a time and include each requested item as its own line item
  • “Emergent" requests should only be used for situations when a requestor will have to stop or severely limit services if the resource is not fulfilled within 12 hours.
  • “Describe Mission/Tasks" - How long are requested quantities expected to last? How will the PPE be used (clinical care, support services, etc.)? How many persons is the PPE for?
  • “Actions Taken on This Request So Far" - What is the current burn rate for the PPE you are requesting? How much of the requested PPE do you currently have on hand? What actions has your organization taken to procure the requested PPE on its own?
  • For technical assistance contact Salesforce.support@caloes.ca.gov


Old Covid-19 Resorce Request Form - Use PHOS instead.

Healthcare Facility Status Report Form

How to contact the MHOAC

California Public Health and Medical Emergency Operations Manual (EOM)