EMS Personnel

All EMS personnel (EMT, AEMT and paramedic) with licenses or certifications (or local accreditation) expiring in March, April, May, or June of 2020 shall have their license or certification expiration dates extended until July 31, 2020.

EMT paperwork (initial and renewal) can be emailed to: emtapplication@marincounty.org

Paramedic Continous Accreditation paperwork can be emailed to: emscerts@marincounty.org
Please allow up to 30 days for processing.  Questions?  Contact Andrea Strongman at: 415 473 7455

Paperwork can only be submitted in person Tue., Wed., Fri. 10 AM - 4 PM or by appointment.


  • Be 18 years of age or older 
  • Present a valid government-issued photo identification
  • Complete a DOJ/FBI background check (live scan fingerprint) for :
  • Complete and sign the Marin County EMS Agency EMT application
  • Pay fees (Marin is $15; State is $75 for initial or $37 for recertification).  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, or money order (for $90 or $52) payable to “County of Marin”.  Cash is accepted only if it is the exact amount.
    Note: The initial State fee also applies to those who are changing certifying entity
  • Present the following documents:
    • Valid Healthcare Provider CPR card (or equivalent)

    • National Registry EMT certificate (8.5 x 11 certificate, not the wallet card)
    • EMT course completion certificate issued within the last two (2) years

    • Skills verification form
    • An EMT renewing a certification for the first time after July 1, 2019 shall submit documentation of successful completion of the following training by an approved EMT training program or approved CE provider: (A) The use and administration of naloxone (B) The use and administration of epinephrine by auto-injector (C) The use of a glucometer  NOTE: THE SKILLS VERIFICATION FORM DOES NOT FULLFILL THIS REQUIREMENT

    • Twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education hours (CEH) from an approved provider

      • For certification lapses of 6 months to less than 12 months an additional 12 hours of CEH is required (36 hours total)
      • For certification lapses of 12 months to less than 24 months an additional 24 hours of CEH is required (48 hours total).  Additionally, the applicant must pass the NREMT written and skills certification exam and complete a new criminial history background check.
      • Certification lapses greater than 24 months are not eligible for recertification

The application includes these statements:

Have you ever been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor offense in California or in any other state or place, including entering a plea of nolo contendere or no contest, including any conviction which has been expunged (set aside) under Penal Code Section 1203.4?

Are there any criminal charges currently pending against you?

Have you ever had a certification, accreditation, or professional healing arts license denied, suspended, revoked or placed on probation, or are you under investigation at this time?

Per policy, Agency will issue card within 45 days from receiving  a complete application (including  background check results).  Most cards will be issued within 1 -2 weeks.

For detailed information regarding this information see Marin County EMS Agency Policy #3200, EMT Certification/Recertification

Marin County Paramedic Accreditation Requirements

Submit copy of EMT-P License issued in California

Submit Paramedic Application form

Submit copy of California Drivers License

Pay $75.00 fee (payable to "County of Marin")

Submit letter of proof of employment with a Marin County provider agency

Submit signed acknowledgement of orientation to system and protocols

Pass Marin County protocol test with 80% accuracy

Marin County Paramedic Continuous Accreditation Requirements

Submit copy of EMT-P License issued in California

Submit copy of most recent Annual Policy Update certificate

Submit Paramedic Application

Faxed, mailed and dropped off paperwork is no longer be accepted. The new procedure for submitting paperwork for paramedic continuous accreditation is to email required documents to emscerts@marincounty.org.  You will receive an automatic reply confirming receipt of your submission.

Letters and stickers will no longer be issued; an email confirming your new date will be sent within 30 days of receiving a complete continuous accreditation application.

To confirm accreditation status, one can log into ImageTrend Elite web version where the expiration date will be shown. 

Paramedic Intern Application

Paramedic Intern Application Form